A New Book by Doug Lawler

Island of Za

The “Island of Za” is a wordless fable written about a mythical island, a dog who misplaces friends, a girl with magical powers, and a place with magic in the air. I find storytelling without words allows the images to become icons; not unlike cave drawings where icons tell the stories without confusion.

In a ‘wordless’ story the viewer is naturally involved. Images are universal- transcending age, knowledge and many cultural roadblocks. To read this story, the viewer must become invested in the story and consequently, it becomes their story, too. Each person who views “The Island of Za” will interpret it differently; the viewer will find something new each time they look at the scenes and, perhaps find a sub-story within.

My intent was that the story is simple and complex at the same time. But most importantly, that it might delight those of us who enjoy a good adventure!

Doug Lawler
Oakland, California
August 2018

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